At BAND, We Experiment and Create

BAND is an independent collaborative established to explore and push the boundaries of design and creation of spaces. Made up of a group of diverse thinkers, our team's goals are to compete, explore, research, and experiment in an effort to have an open-minded outlook on traditional problem-solving. From schematic ideas to project execution on any scales, our goal is to make things happen.


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Our Values.png

Excellence: To strive for precision, from the quality of our drawings to the execution of the design itself.

Collaborate: To function as a team rather than as individuals, working off of the strengths of each team member to reach our goal.

Creativity: To believe in keeping an open mind and experimenting with new ideas, using our imagination for problem solving and artistic expression alike.

Enlightenment: For our work to make a difference. It should educate the public on the meaning behind and the future value of our efforts.